Keith Haring
FDR 1984


167 Canal St.
New York, NY 10013
Visible 24/7
Hours of operation: Sat-Sun 12-6pm, or by appointment

Opening reception: April 11, 4 - 8 pm
On view through April 28, 2018



Image: Keith Haring, Untitled (FDR NY) #3 & #4, 1984, spray enamel paint on metal, 48 × 204 × 3 ¼ in.


99 Cents Fine Art is pleased to announce the installation of a significant section from the Keith Haring mural, Untitled (FDR NY), 1984, at our temporary location, 167 Canal Street. In keeping with Haring's desire to make art available to everyone, rather than in a gallery, we are presenting two of these steel panels that once lined the FDR Drive in a storefront in Chinatown, a neighborhood Haring frequented from his nearby studio on Broadway. Created in situ on a preexisting fence, the work is part of a monumental frieze that ran along nearly 300 feet of the New York City highway and was visible for most of a year. Haring, who worked frequently in public, placing his work in the world, once said, "If I only made paintings in a gallery, I would probably be frustrated." The left-hand panel, partially graffitied after the mural's completion, further evidences the world in the work. The panels are animated by Haring's exuberant iconography–dancing and breakdancing figures, a figure with a TV set head, and a large barking dog. In 1989, when Haring saw numerous panels that had been rescued, he wrote in his journal that after all the mural had been through, its well-weathered condition "somehow ... makes it look even better."

The panels will be on view at 99 Cents Fine Art through April 28th. For further information and images, please contact

开放时间:星期六和星期日下午十二点至下午六点 或者通过预约


99 美分艺术展欣然宣布将在167 坚尼路(167 Canal St.)短期展示由Keith Haring 于1984年创作的壁画作品“无标题”(FDR NY)的重要部分。以达成Haring 先生渴望每一人都可以欣赏艺术,而不是仅仅在画廊里的愿望,我们在Haring 先生百老汇大道工作室毗邻的唐人街的一个店铺展示曾经成排展示在FDR Drive的原作钢板壁画中的其中两块。这幅壁画作品是在一个既存的栅栏上原地创作的。差不多一年时间都可以在纽约的高速公路上看到这三百英尺巨大的壁画。Haring 先生经常在公共场所工作,并将世界展现在他的作品里。他曾经说过:"如果我只在画廊作画,我可能会感到泪丧”。在壁画完成后,壁画左侧被人涂鸦- 更加将世界展现在他的作品里。Haring先生的钢板壁画非常生动地描绘了充满活力的跳霹雳舞的舞者,一个带电视机头的人物,还有一只大吠的犬。

1989年,当Haring 先生看到许多这些经历了时间的洗礼被拯救下来的风化了的钢板壁画作品,他在他的日记中写道:“不知何故……使它看起来更好”


All Keith Haring artwork © Keith Haring Foundation